Supreme Court Rejects Major Effort to Block Mask Mandate on Airplanes

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court denied a request to block a federal mask mandate.

A father and his son with autism filed an emergency application on behalf of themselves and their son, who is medically unable to wear a mask for prolonged periods.

Justice Neil Gorsuch, who handles emergency applications in several Western states, referred the case to the full court, which denied it without comment or dissent.

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, which has killed more than 850,000 Americans, the Transportation Security Administration has issued an executive order signed by President Biden.

Another man, Lucas Wall, is also suing the government over the federal transportation mask mandate. Wall is seeking publicity and money for his legal action.

Just a week earlier, the justices split on another set of pandemic mitigation measures proposed by the Biden administration.

The court ruled on Thursday that vaccines-or-test mandates for large employers should be blocked, but maintains a vaccine mandate for health providers at federally funded facilities with a 5-4 vote.

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