Students at numerous Texas institutions, including one in Austin, can receive free tuition if they are employed by Amazon.

Amazon has expanded its tuition reimbursement program to include nine Texas colleges and universities, bringing the total number of participating institutions to nine.

Austin Community College, Texas State University, and the University of Texas at Dallas are among the colleges and universities that have joined the Career Choice program.



Amazon is closing physical bookstores across the country, including one in Austin.
Employees of Amazon who have worked for at least 90 days are eligible to participate in the program.

Employees will also have the option to enroll in online training courses offered by institutions such as Southern New Hampshire University, Colorado State University, and others.

In the wake of the epidemic, the demands on companies and employees are clear: employers increasingly rely on highly qualified personnel, and people increasingly require significant credentials in order to compete on a global scale.

“Texas higher education is committed to developing a globally competitive workforce,” stated Harrison Keller, Commissioner of Texas Higher Education.

‘By demonstrating this dedication to its employees through higher education, Amazon exemplifies how collaborations between corporations and institutions can empower students to contribute to, participate in, and benefit from our world-class economy,’ the company stated.

Employees can receive a bachelor’s degree and industry certifications, which will prepare them for in-demand positions.

As part of its relationship with Austin Community College, Amazon has established avenues for hourly Amazon employees to pursue higher education with financial assistance, according to a university representative.

From 2020 to 2021, students enrolled in English proficiency classes, high school equivalency/GED courses, or a bachelor’s degree program at ACC will be eligible to participate in the program.

According to Evan Luscher, chief operating officer at Amazon’s Houston headquarters, “I am really proud of our company’s commitment to investing in the future of our employees by making it easier for them to obtain higher education.”

It is genuinely wonderful to witness Amazon’s commitment to upskilling our employees and providing them with a secure future, regardless of whether doing so profits the company.

Initiatives like Career Choice have the potential to transform the lives of some individuals, and I am looking forward to seeing how the program develops.

According to the American College of Cardiology, there are presently 23 students engaged in cooperation with Amazon. Since the beginning of the relationship, a total of 56 Amazon students and employees have taken part.

Other Texas schools that are participating in the initiative are as follows:

  • Alamo College
  • Dallas College
  • Houston Community College
  • Lonestar College
  • Tarrant County Community College
  • University of North Texas
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