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Store clerk in South Shore was killed in a robbery attempt, and the robber was killed by a CCL holder


An update has been released regarding the fatal attempted robbery and shooting that occurred on Chicago’s South Shore on Friday. According to investigators, the attempted heist rapidly turned tragic, leaving nothing but devastation and two individuals dead, including the alleged criminal.

“To this day, my uncle Ali remains one of my most revered personal heroes. The person I am today is primarily due to his influence, “according to Khalid Hassan, the victim’s nephew.

Ali Hassan, 63, was shot and died during an attempted robbery of his grocery shop on 73rd Street and Coles Avenue. Just hours later, one of Ali Hassan’s nephews fondly recalled his favorite uncle.

Ali Hassan was a person with pleasant vibes

“He’s one of the most honest and kind people you’ll ever meet. He was concerned, “In the words of Khalid. You could feel the pleasant vibes from him anytime you were in his presence. To show their sadness, a family and their community left a bouquet at the grocery store’s entrance.

“In all honesty, I only saw him yesterday. So sorry to hear about what happened, “resident Luis Perry stated. Chicago police say the husband and father were shot and killed in his family’s South Shore grocery shop on Friday night.

Tashyra Jones, a resident, and hairstylist in the area, had just finished styling a client’s hair when shots rang out. “Just now, I heard the sound of gunfire. Then I had to know if she had heard it, too: “Did you hear that?” The two of us have just gotten on the floor, and she’s all “yes,” “Jones thought back.

Ali’s relative shot the robber

On Friday night at about 6:30, a 24-year-old man allegedly entered the store armed with a gun and attempted to rob the establishment, according to investigators. Ali was shot by the armed robber before one of Hassan’s two other male relatives, who also worked in the business, drew his rifle and shot the robber.

“He was inconsolable when he returned from the police station, where he and my cousin had witnessed the incident. In all my years of knowing him, I’ve never seen him act like that, “In Khalid’s words.

Some eyewitnesses saw the would-be robber run away from the business after being hit, only to collapse and die on the pavement a block away. While medical personnel did everything they could, Ali ultimately passed away in intensive care.

Relatives and friends came to the family’s west suburban house on Saturday afternoon to show their support and hear Khalid talk about his uncle, the kind of guy he hopes to be someday. Khalid once said, “My objective in life is whatever I will return to him.”

No harm came to the other shopper in the shop. Police reportedly discovered three firearms at the location. At least three guns were involved in the exchange of gunfire: the two that were used and another hidden behind the shop counter. Investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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