Stimulus Payments Between $530 and $3,000 Are Sent to 1000’s of Americans!

Thousands of Americans are receiving additional money in the form of stimulus cheques as Christmas approaches. The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund was used to provide billions of dollars in funding to students and institutions.

Students are also receiving thousands of dollars from their institutions to assist with costs as a result of the money. Last May, George Washington University received $9.1 million in funding for the first time during round one.

In the second and third rounds, the university gained another $14 million. Any student who was enrolled before March 13, 2020, could apply for the funds. Since submitting an application, 10,000 students have been given money.

According to students, they were paid anything from $800 to $2,500.

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What other institutions have received funding for their students under the federal stimulus program?

The majority of Meharry Medical College’s 956 students have received $10,000 in scholarships from the school. Bushnell University has given $642,674 in scholarships to 206 individuals.

Before Nov. 15, 31,000 students at Penn State received up to $1,800 each, and those with exceptional financial needs can apply for $1,000. This is for students who previously did not qualify. 16,000 students at Florida State University were eligible for$17.7 million in scholarships.

In December, Duke University students will be eligible for $1,750 or $3,000 scholarships. In addition, the City University of New York is preparing to distribute aid in December.

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