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Stimulus Check Update: New Golden State Check For California In November?


The US government started issuing Stimulus checks to families whose annual income was below $75,000 during the pandemic. They have already issued checks to them in 2021 as well, in two rounds

As Christmas is approaching, people are waiting for another check, but there is no announcement regarding it yet. 

The US government announced these stimulus checks, however, issued by the respective state governments. Therefore, the eligibility criteria and distribution process mentioned by every state are different.

In California, they are still in the second round of issuing stimulus checks. And they only issued $600 to the person whose annual income is less than $75,000.

The governor signed a law this year in February, according to which the people residing in California with income lower than $75,000 will be benefited with $600. This limit was much higher than the earlier one that was $30,000. It has benefited both citizens as well as non-citizens. That means individuals should have paid taxes till mid-2020. However, they must be a taxpayer earlier to the mid of 2020.

The number was so high that Governor Newsom said that it was the most significant rebate in state tax in the history of the US. Around 9 million people qualified and benefited from it. 


Stimulus Check: What Do The Eligible People Receive?

Individuals can claim $500 for each dependent they claim. The dependent claim is additional to the individual’s stimulus check. If one claims to have a single dependent, then they will receive $1,100 as the first stimulus check. Then they won’t be eligible for the second round of stimulus checks. 

However, if they claim to have more than one dependent, then they will get $500 each but a maximum of $1,000 for each family. And the condition to claim the second stimulus check was. First, one should have claimed the first one, and another was that the dependents must have registered while filing the tax return. 

Recently, the government officials have sent the last checks on the 6th of October. They are sending based on their zip codes. The government sends these checks every 2 weeks and is expected to continue till the end of 2021.

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