Still Not Vaccinated? Company Health Insurance May Get Expensive For You!

Company health insurance may get more difficult for you if you’re unvaccinated because of new vaccine mandates. 

As COVID-19 vaccination efforts continue, some cities, states, businesses, schools, universities, and even the federal government are turning toward requiring vaccines. 

A vaccine mandate just means that if you don’t, businesses, schools, and others can legally stop you from entering the building or using their services if they choose to.

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As of now, exemptions for vaccine mandates are still legal– but mostly only for kids. According to the CDC, exemptions from state or local requirements may apply to some children. All states and the District of Columbia allow a medical exemption.

A medical exemption is allowed when a child has a medical condition that prevents them from receiving a vaccine. All but three states offer nonmedical exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons.

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An exemption in the school vaccination assessment reports could mean one of several things:

  1. The parent refused a dose of vaccine for their child.
  2. The parent refused a specific vaccine series for their child.
  3. The parent refused all vaccines for their child. Based on available information, we believe parents refusing all vaccines for their children is an uncommon occurrence. A study of schoolchildren with nonmedical exemptions found that 75% of these children had received at least one vaccine previously. Additionally, over the past several years, vaccination coverage measured using data from the National Immunization Survey indicate that <1% of children 19–35 months received no vaccines of any type.

However, many companies across the country are now requiring workers who choose not to get vaccinated to incur higher premiums on their employer-sponsored healthcare.

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The following companies may give you a premium deduction when it comes to your paychecks if you are unvaccinated.

  • Delta Airlines
  • Mercy Health
  • Harmons
  • JP Morgan Chase

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The COVID-19 vaccines may prevent residents from getting the infection — and becoming seriously ill with COVID-19 or dying of COVID-19.

The vaccines can help avoid long-term side effects, which can persist even after a mild version of the disease.

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