Stepmother Claims Husband Killed and Hid 5-year-old’s Body. His Lawyers Allege She Lied!

The estranged spouse of a man from New Hampshire who is suspected of fatally beating his 5-year-old daughter gave evidence on Friday. He claimed to have punched the girl, folded her body into a duffel bag, and concealed it in his car’s trunk, a restaurant freezer, and a ceiling vent while he considered his options for how to dispose of the body.

After the family was evicted, Kayla Montgomery claimed that her stepdaughter Harmony Montgomery, whose corpse has not been recovered, died on December 7, 2019, in the car they were living in. Adam Montgomery has not been present for his murder trial in Manchester, and it was the third day of the trial.

Harmony was potty trained, according to Kayla Montgomery, but she started to have accidents frequently. After two such incidents in the automobile, she testified that her husband struck Harmony in the head.

Later, according to the stepmother, he covered Harmony with a blanket while the youngster sobbed, groaned, and finally became silent. She claimed that Adam Montgomery placed Harmony’s body in the duffel bag after their car broke down shortly after. She claimed that “he, like, folded her in half and put her in the duffel bag.”

Adam Montgomery, 34, is accused of assault, witness tampering, and second-degree murder. During the initial remarks on Thursday, his attorneys admitted that he was guilty of two additional counts: fabricating evidence and mistreating a deceased person.

However, they insisted that he did not murder Harmony and that Kayla Montgomery was lying to keep herself safe. “Only she knows the truth,” public defender James T. Brooks told the jury on Thursday. “And only she has benefitted from all the lies she has told.”

On Friday, while Kayla Montgomery informed the jurors that she did not kill the girl, the prosecution requested her to look at them. She admitted on cross-examination that in May 2022, she had similarly stared at grand jurors and had informed them in error that she was unaware of her stepdaughter’s whereabouts.

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“So, looking at jurors while you’re lying doesn’t change the lie, right?” questioned Caroline Smith, the defense lawyer. “That’s right,” responded Montgomery, who is currently serving an 18-month jail sentence for perjury after admitting to lying to the grand jury about her whereabouts at the time Harmony was last seen.

She admitted making at least a dozen other fraudulent claims when Smith questioned her. “You said the last time you saw Harmony, she was happy,” Smith said. “You had no problem with lying to the grand jury.”

Harmony was reported missing to the police in December 2021, about two years after her last sighting. On December 7, Kayla Montgomery said she stopped her husband from assaulting Harmony by raising her arm, but that instead, “he gave me this look that was like, evil, his crazy eyes.” “I was scared,” she said.

She further stated in her testimony that in July 2019, after witnessing Harmony with a black eye, her husband informed her that he had hit the girl. The duffel bag traveled from a friend’s car trunk to a hallway cooler next to Kayla Montgomery’s mother’s apartment, and finally, it found its way to a ceiling vent at the shelter where the family spent roughly six weeks.

When Harmony’s remains eventually started to smell, Adam Montgomery transferred them into trash bags and placed them inside a sizable tote bag, according to Kayla Montgomery’s testimony.

She claimed that after placing the bag in a stroller and bringing it to her husband’s place of employment, a restaurant, he placed it in the freezer. Later, when they were residing in an apartment in Manchester, he put the bag in the refrigerator.

She stated that Adam Montgomery bought tools and lime and talked of dismembering Harmony. She claimed that after thawing the body in the bathtub with the shower running, he asked her to assist him in chopping off Harmony’s clothing, which she duly accomplished.

Not long afterward, she left the room. “I couldn’t be there anymore. I couldn’t handle it. I didn’t want to see anything,” she said.
Smith pointed out to Montgomery during cross-examination that while she did not indicate that she assisted in cutting them off, Montgomery’s grand jury testimony in 2022 correctly described Harmony’s attire.

Smith added that the stepmother had lied to place the blame on her husband, adding, “You talked to the jury with a straight face about remembering what she was wearing.” Montgomery, who will be back on the stand on Monday, claimed that in March 2020, her husband left without telling her where he was taking Harmony’s remains in a rental truck.

Shortly after, he became suspicious that she may report something to the police, so he started beating her, giving her black eyes, she claimed. Eventually, in March 2021, she fled from him.

In a separate instance last year, Montgomery testified for the prosecution when her husband was found guilty of gun theft. He took a minute to declare his innocence in relation to his daughter’s death before receiving a sentence of more than 30 years in prison.

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