State Democrats Say They’ve “Blue-Flipped” the Legislature

Democrats claim they will gain a majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the first time in almost ten years.

Legislators from the Democratic Party met on Wednesday in Philadelphia in front of Independence Mall to discuss the election results and the implications of a Democratic House majority.

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Democrats in the state legislature claimed victory and predicted they would have at least 102 seats, despite no official confirmation from the Associated Press.

Here and now, while the votes are being tallied, we are in a position to make certain predictions.

Leanne Krueger, leader of the House Democratic Campaign Committee and a state representative, remarked during the news conference that the voters had spoken “loud and clear,” despite the narrative that had been declared in the previous week.

In addition to Josh Shapiro’s election as governor and John Fetterman’s election as senator, “we can safely declare that Democrats will take the majority of the state House,” the Democrats’ campaign manager said.

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Many counties are still finishing vote tallies, including the tallying of mail-in and overseas votes, so the statement caught many people off guard. Democratic advances in Philadelphia’s collar counties and recent patterns in mail-in and absentee voting, according to State Representative Jordan Harris, the House minority whip,

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