Staff Shortages Looms as Great Resignation Hits Schools in the U.S.

The education sector is hit by the staff shortages across schools in the country due to the great Great Resignation which has resulted in many people leaving their jobs to start small businesses or freelance.

Although schools are on holiday, there is fear that many staff members, including teachers may not return next session when schools resume a new session.

A survey of principals and district administrators in Education Week held in October found that there is growing staff shortages.

Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed said staffing shortages were “moderate,” while 25 percent said the problems were “severe” and 15 percent more said they were “very severe.”

When it’s added up, it shows that 77 percent of those surveyed believe that staffing shortages were a big problem.

The shortages is across board. Substitute teachers are one area in which schools could be hit twice as hard — by an increased need for more substitutes and by increased difficulty finding people to do the job as others have been reluctant to rejoin the labor force.

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About 68 percent of those surveyed said their schools or districts had struggled to find enough bus drivers. More than half of those surveyed, 55 percent, said they were having difficulty finding teacher aides.

There are a lot of increased pressures in schools, and they may be discouraging people from seeking jobs as teachers, aides and bus drivers, which in turn makes pressures worse, creating a kind of negative feedback loop in education employment.

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