Staff at an Old Hollywood Hangout Have Reported Ghost Sightings, Including a Terrifying 1930s Gangster

What better way to enjoy the season of frightful ghost stories than by hearing some of the most spooky stories ever told?

Let’s say you believe in paranormal activity. In such instances, it’s possible that you’ll be able to see ghosts or maybe experience other unusual things.

Halloween Horror Stories At LA’s Top Haunted Dining Spot

The Cafe Formosa has a seedy background that comes to life around Halloween thanks to many reports of famous ghost sightings.

It’s possible for visitors to run across the ghosts of well-known actors, including Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra. However, the ghost of 1930s criminal “Bugsy” Siegel is among the more disturbing ones.

Unusual Incidents Reported by Staff 

Employees say that the ghost of the original owner, Maximilian Goldstein, has been seen relaxing at the tables he liked best after hours.

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He supposedly lost the location in a poker game. On Santa Monica Boulevard, a phone booth is where he was later discovered to have been shot.

The Ominous Reappearance of Mobster “Bugsy” Siegel

In the 1930s, Bugsy’s gangsters ran illegal gambling activities within the Formosa’s vintage train cars.

Because he conducted so much business there and had access to five phone lines with direct links to bookies, Siegel kept his money in the cafe’s safe.

The floor safe was once examined by a psychic who declared it to be “full of money,” and it is still there today.

Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel’s Life

Many “renowned ghosts” roam the Formosa Cafe, but none are as terrifying as the original Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

However, compared to the ghost haunting the restaurant now, the gangster seemed considerably more frightening in real life at the time.

As a member of the Meyer Mob, which was around before Murder, Inc., Siegel had a lot of power among the many criminal gangs in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s.

He was well-known for being charming and attractive. As one of the first gangster superstars to appear on the front page of a newspaper, he gained notoriety.

‘Bugsy’ Siegel’s Method of Death

The mobster is well-known for the legends surrounding his demise.

On the evening of June 20, 1947, an unidentified attacker shot Siegel through the window of their Beverly Hills home while he and his friend Allen Smiley were sitting there.

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He was shot several times, twice in the head and twice in the lungs. The incident is still unsolved and was thought to be a cowardly assault.

In one version of how Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel died, he was killed because he was thought to have stolen money from the mafia.

According to his death certificate, his gunshot wounds caused him to pass away. However, the cause of death is still unknown.

His initial cause of death was given as “cerebral haemorrhage owing to his gunshot wounds” when he was declared dead at the scene (per Mob Museum).


A statue of Bacchus, the Greek deity of wine, is said to have been smashed by four of the nine bullets that were fired that night.

The next day, the Los Angeles Herald-Express featured a stark and well-known image of his naked right foot with a toe tag on the main page.

Although he was killed in Beverly Hills, news outlets around the nation ran photographs of his body, which made his Las Vegas properties the focus of attention. 
Last thoughts

You may want to check out the Cafe Formosa if you’re searching for a place to party this Halloween. Whether you think ghosts exist or not, it’s worth going to learn about the intriguing history and have a few drinks.

Just keep in mind to keep an eye out since you never know what you might hear or see.

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