St Charles County Residents are Going to Face a Hike in Property tax

Authorities in St. Charles County are making every effort to lower individuals’ property taxes. The cost of secondhand cars has increased due to supply chain disruptions and a lack of chips. If this is the case, motorists may expect a rise in their property taxes of about 25%.

Bob Schnur, the assistant director of administration for St. Charles County, stated, “In St. Charles County, our residents in 2022 will pay $24 million more in personal property taxes this year than they paid last year on the same automobiles.”

Schnur has expressed a desire for other governments to adopt this policy

On Monday, officials in St. Charles County reduced their already minimal contribution to the state’s overall tax burden. Schnur has expressed a desire for other governments to adopt this policy. Due to the decision, St. Charles County will not have to collect $812,087 from residents for its Road and Bridge and 911 dispatch budgets.

The funding levels for those organizations will remain relatively stable from the previous fiscal year. St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann said rising prices do not warrant a monetary increase. The law requires certain modifications to prevent you from receiving an undeserved windfall due to inflation.

Regarding the secondhand automobile market, “there is no additional responsibility for any authority to fulfill,” as Ehlmann put it. As a result of the increase in taxes on used vehicles, approximately $24 million will be distributed to schools, libraries, city budgets, fire districts, and other political bodies.

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