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SSA: When Should You Expect Your Social Security COLA Checks in 2021?


This is the highest in 40 years; a whopping 5.9% increase of the COLA. COLA is the cost of living adjustment by the Social Security Administration SSA agency. The Agency issued on October 2021 that the cost-of-living adjustment COLA will increase.

Therefore, in 2022 there will be a massive increase of 5.9%. The satisfaction in this increase is that an estimated 70 million people will be a direct beneficiary of this 5.9% Increase.

People will benefit in 3 categories from this SSA COLA 5.9% increase. the first category is the Retirement Benefits Schemes, the second category is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and the third category is the Supplemental Support Income (SSI). Let’s explain what this increase means to each of those categories.

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Retirement Benefit Schemes

This is available to those who are retired from at least 10 years of work and are 62 years and older. This category has the largest number of beneficiaries. From 2021, a retiree received an average monthly payment of $1,565; with this increase, the payment will increase from $1,565 to $1,657 in 2022.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

There are categories of people who were actively working before but stopped working and are unable to work due to disability. For instance, a loss of both eyes might make an active worker stop working.

This Social Security Disability Insurance will support them. From 2021, a non-blind person in this category received an average monthly payment of $1,310; with this increase, the payment will increase from $1,310 to $1,340 in 2022. The blind person in this category will have about 70$ increments giving them a $2,260 payment in 2022.

Supplemental Support Income (SSI)

This is the category for those who have a form of disability yet are still able to work. These people are not able to work in full capacity because of their disabilities. These incomes are below a certain threshold. Both adults and children are in this category.

From 2021, a beneficiary in this category received an average monthly payment of $749; with this increase, the payment will increase from $749 to $841 in 2022. Couples who are in the SSI category will get an increase from $1191 to $1,261 in 2022.

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When will the COLA Increase Payments Arrive in 2022

Those in the Supplemental Support Income (SSI) category will receive their benefits first. Which is scheduled to roll out by the 30th of December 2021. The payments will arrive in their accounts on the first of every month in 2022.

You can check your new entitlements and other information as regards the payment by accessing your Social Security account online. Expect to receive a letter from the SSA before the end of the year explaining this increase and how much you get

  1. Louise Rivera says

    Ssi only received 20.00 like that made a big difference for me

  2. Kathy Love says

    I see your still, giving to the people who almost make more money than I have and I know the one girl. I know of a couple of people that lived near me. They are making alot more than I am. And worked 4 months a year. My husband had a stroke and heart attack and is having a terrible time getting ssi or so and we are trying to get by on what I get. Plus pay all the bills.

  3. Linda Hollfelder says

    Thought the cola is 5.9% so why are we only getting 5.7%????

  4. Carolyn says

    This is nice but not fair everyone get money every mo for kids a every thing else seniors have been forgotten. It time us seniors get help I can’t even pay my rent and Bill’s not only this but I am also disabled they need to do something for us seniors.

  5. Carolyn says


  6. Dena Searle says

    That’s nice but how are we going to payout bills and live if we don’t get paid till the third wensday of the month Thats over a month with money bills much less Xmas and happy new year this year ended with a fizzle and I pray people get vaccine and where a mask or next. Year wont be better. God 🙌

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