Southwest and Others Cancel Thousands of Flights

Monday, thousands of people had to wait at U.S. airports because a lot of flights, many of which were run by Southwest Airlines, were canceled.

One day after Christmas, people slept on airport floors, waited in customer service lines, and waited on tarmacs.

The issues may persist through Tuesday and beyond.

Francis Uba, a furious traveller at Baltimore-Washington International Airport on Monday, said, “The only thing we want is to go home.”

Over 130 Flights were Cancelled

On Monday, his family returned from an eight-day Bahamas trip to find their Southwest flight home to Columbus, Ohio, cancelled. The airline rebooked Mr. Uba, 60, on a Wednesday flight without explanation.

Southwest cancels 70% of flights while air travel disruptions ease elsewhere

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Mr. Uba, who runs a health company, said he had spent five hours trying to find another flight but had not been able to reach an airline customer service representative. He was thinking about renting a car to get back to work.

FlightAware, a flight monitoring website, said that as of Monday night, over 3,800 US flights, including foreign ones, had been cancelled and over 7,400 delayed.

Southwest had over 2,800 cancelled flights, or 70% of their total.


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