Someone stole an entire shipment of EVGA RTX graphics cards

Since the chip shortage didn’t earn it hard to take our hands-on graphics cards, offenders are making it a heck of a lot more harmful. According to a discussion post by EVGA commodity director Jacob Freeman, robbers made off with a complete truckload of EVGA RTX 30-Series graphics boards.

The graphic cards were transitioning from San Francisco to EVGA’s southern California placement station at the offense, and how many cards were changed remains unclear.

If you believe you may have a card included in this crime, you can get out by registering your card’s consecutive number on EVGA’s guarantee status page.

You can further review by registering your card on the My Products part of this site — if you can accurately record your card, you can rest assured that it wasn’t stolen from the purchase.

The post reminds users that it’s unlawful to “purchase or get” bagged goods, as well as “cover, sell, keep, or help in covering selling or withholding” that claim. EVGA further states it “will not disclose or honor any guarantee or improve claims“ on swiped cards.

Freeman couldn’t provide The Verge any more info regarding the truck heist due to continuing police research; hence, he did speak in an email that “If a user has a problem, we ask them to contact us.

If a user does end up getting a borrowed card, we will discuss it on a case by case basis.” It isn’t the initial time a huge shipment of graphics cards has been removed, and, sadly, it’s not the end.

At the end of 2020, approximately $340,000 worth of GeForce RTX 3090s were removed from MSI’s company in region China.

Graphics cards have become an ideal spot for criminals and dealers — the MSRP for an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 is $1,499, but if dealers have their approach, this can skyrocket to $2,000 ahead.

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