SoCal to Stay Cool on Friday as Nighttime Temps Stay Below Average

On Friday, Southern California may expect generally clear skies and chilly nighttime temps. Over the weekend, nighttime temperatures will remain below average.

Friday’s high temperature in Los Angeles and Orange counties will be 68. At night, the temperature will drop to 47 degrees. With temperatures in the mid-seventies on Saturday and Sunday, the weekend will be mostly sunny.

A high of 72 degrees is forecast for the valleys and Inland Empire, with a low of 42 degrees expected for Friday night. Beaches will continue to be cold because the high temperature is predicted to be 68 degrees. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday is the same.

Friday will be largely cool in mountain areas with possible night freeze. The lows will be 16 degrees and the highs will be 49 degrees. The morning frost in the deserts will give way to a cool afternoon. Temperatures will rise to a high of 64 and fall.

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