Slumber party! Kim Kardashian enjoys with her friends

Socialite Kim Kardashian shared for her followers a photo in which she appears according to her description at a party of pajamas.

This publication was made five hours ago, in it appear Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Along with 7 other beautiful women, they are surely friends of the businesswoman or hired models.

According to her description, she herself affirmed that it was a party so the most logical thing is that the girls who appear in the photo are also friends, however it could be that it was only to attract attention.

In the post Kim Kardashian is promoting its new line of pajamas, this is not the first time that the beautiful celebrity of social networks and entertainment shares this type of advertising, but as time passes, she herself is exceeding the quality of her products. .

The same was stated in another publication where she presented more content, despite the fact that she always mentions that the newest is the best, it seems that she is improving herself as she launches new products.

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The new garments that it will launch will be several models, four in total and also in four colors as can be seen in the image, they will be the most flirtatious and revealing, just to have entertaining nights or also with some romance.

Something interesting that these garments have printed are the engraving of the name of the same in all the fabric, perhaps it reminds you a bit of the Louis Vuitton brand, of course Kim Kardashian gave it its own personality.

This new collection of clothes is quite soft, it seems to be silk and also verges on glamor, surely more than one person has already been struck by this because the photo already has more than 800 thousand likes’s, some of the Internet users are already asking about costs and if it is possible to order before launch.

In the image there are all the beautiful models wearing each of the designs and colors that will be handled, in front of them it seems that there is a table with enough food, delicious desserts and drinks to enjoy said “party”.

The background is dark so that the colors of your garments stand out and to draw even more attention, in the image there are also two chandeliers that cannot be distinguished if they are pearls or stones, although either of them look really beautiful .

On this occasion, Kim Kardashian seems not to be the protagonist of the snapshot, but rather that a balance was sought between all the pieces, but she was part of the models that appeared in the photo, each one is in a different position, her sister Kourtney is standing almost in the center of the image, next to it are three standing models.

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To the surprise of many, the garments will have sizes from ultra small to extra large in 4x, something in which the businesswoman has been characterized is that she launches varied sizes and does not focus only on thin women, that is a great point in his favor.

The launch of these pajamas will take place on Tuesday, March 23 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific, if you want to buy these garments you can request the waiting list and be among the first to have them as you have done with the other garments you have. thrown out.

Part of its 211 million followers will be on the lookout for the launch prepared to acquire this new collection of the socialite of the United States of America.

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