Shooting in Jeffery Manor Neighborhood – A Mother of 3 Fatally Shot Dead In Front of Her Teen Son

On Friday, a mother was shot and killed in the empty parking lot of a church in front of her teenage son as they walked home. Also shot, the 13-year-old boy has been released from the hospital but is surrounded by mourning family and friends.

Kristen Carr, a woman, and her son were shot and killed near their home on the Far South Side at 100th Street and Oglesby Avenue in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood. This family has reported that their pain is ongoing.

Carr’s brother held their father’s funeral not too long ago, and their mother died a few years ago. He must now bury his lone sibling and bring up her son, who witnessed his mother’s death. He encouraged her to relax and breathe when he was arrested. He dialed 911, “said Carr’s sibling Luther Carr IV.

The victim’s family struggling to face a sad reality

A new reality is sinking in with the family as the mother and son are separated for all time. I can’t believe you’re here talking to me, and my family is a part of this cycle of violence,” Luther remarked. On his way home from the store on a Friday night, Carr was ambushed by a black SUV whose occupants opened fire on him and his companion in the church parking lot.

Luther remarked that the boy “came out to meet his mom halfway,” making him sound like a typical son. “Someone with no courage intervened between them. Someone fired 28 shots in his direction.” As per Luther, his nephew, who is only 13, was shot in the shoulder.

“I assumed everything was OK because I had been assured that my nephew was OK. I rushed to Comer’s Hospital to check on him and received word that my sister had been shot not more than ten feet away, “The Reverend Luther thought back.

The mother leaves three boys behind

A bullet to the hip left Kristin with a life-threatening injury, and she was rushed to the hospital. Sadly, she passed away after some time. “She doted on her sons and did a fantastic job as a mother. She checked to see if they were headed in the right direction, “Says Luther.

. The youngest of the bunch is only four years old, and he’s still waiting for his mom to get home. “How do you tell a 4-year-old? I don’t even know how I’m going to,” Luther remarked. “You can expect an answer to be given. It was cruel of you to take someone so many people cared about from us.”

According to Carr’s brother, she would have turned 42 on Christmas Day; instead, her family will be grieving as they continue to look for her killer.


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