Shooting During Robbery-A Son was Shot When He Tried to Intervene as His Dad was Being Robbed

Robberies of street sellers at gunpoint have been reported across the city. On Monday a son tried to assist as his father was being held at gunpoint in the Austin area on the city’s West Side. Unfortunately, the son was shot and is currently being treated at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Alejandro Aparicio Jr., the son, has been contacted and is likely to be well. On Monday night, however, Alejandro Aparicio Sr. told us about the terrifying experience of witnessing his son get shot while the two were attempting to make a living by selling food.

A witness filmed Aparicio Jr. lying on the ground after being shot in the leg. The young man, now 20, was attempting to protect his father, a street seller who two men had robbed.

The criminals came to the place in a white SUV

Aparicio Sr. wept as he remembered the terrible event. Eh informed us the incident occurred early on a Saturday afternoon while he was setting up shop near the intersection of Laramie Avenue and Division Street to sell fresh fruit and street corn from his cart. His son had come over to drop some off at lunchtime.

A little time later, Aparicio Sr. was approached by two masked guys who stepped out of a white SUV and placed a gun to his chest, demanding money. Aparicio Jr. grabbed one of the men, and at that moment, the other man shot him in the leg.

The thieves made off with roughly $400 in valuables. “If you have to go out, it’s best to have at least one other person with you, preferably more like two or three. I can’t stand it when other people show signs of weakness, “said alderwoman Emma Mitts (37th). They have to make a living but need to feel more secure in their everyday lives.

They are the most recent victims of the citywide rash of armed robberies

According to Mitts, Aparicio Sr. is one of the most recent victims of the citywide rash of armed robberies that has occurred so far this month. “The commander and I are meeting. Approximately 38, “A statement by Mitts. It’s so ridiculous that it’s laughable.

Even though the robbery and shooting in Austin appeared to be an isolated incident, surrounding street vendors are still being targeted. Those “wolves” don’t care who they happen to run into, Alderman Mitts said.

Ald issued a community notice last week. Michael Rodriguez (22nd) regarding a spate of thefts in Little Village, many of which have targeted street sellers like Aparicio Sr. This was not the first time that Aparicio Sr. had been robbed. In his 20 years as a street seller, he has been denied six times.

But he insists on going out to sell his food since he has a family to feed. Aparicio Jr.’s medical expenses have been the focus of a family-run GoFundMe campaign


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