Shooting During Birthday Party -A Woman Fights for Her Life After Being Shot While Celebrating Her Birthday in Belmont Cragin

Over the weekend, a birthday party outside a Belmont Cragin establishment ended in tragedy, leaving three people dead, and a woman struggling for her life. According to the authorities, the incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday in the 3200 block of North Central Avenue, not far from the Vera Lounge.

According to reports, a fight broke out into a shooting, and three people were killed. Mariah Vera, 25, was enjoying her birthday when she was shot and is currently in critical condition. Luis Ortiz had known the deceased man Rick Vera, and his daughter, Mariah Vera, from their time together at a Belmont Cragin HVAC distributor.

“There was never anything typical about Rick and Mariah’s bond as father and daughter. Very put together, he aspired for her to be among the most accomplished women in the HVAC field “His words.

According to Ortiz, Rick was like family, and tonight’s critically ill patient, Mariah, was Rick’s protege. He remarked, “He’d be up on the roofs with him, soldering.” “He hoped only for Mariah’s happiness. He had high hopes for her future leadership of the organization. There were no restrictions placed on her because of her gender. In terms of capability, she was on par with the rest of us.”

It was Mariah’s 25th birthday party

Mariah’s 25th birthday party was held in her uncle’s bar, the Vera Lounge, on North Central Avenue and School Street early on Sunday morning. After a fight broke out inside the bar, police in Chicago said it continued in the street. Afterward, gunfire broke out, wounding four individuals.

50-year-old Rick was fatally shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene. Mercedes Tavares, a 24-year-old mother of three, was one of the victims; another, Mario Pozuelos, was 26. “As much as she was going through, he was going through more.

This is why he’ll assist you, “Zoey Thiemann, a mutual friend of Pozuelos, made this statement. “He was an all-around kind guy in the process of putting his life in order. He fell victim to theft far too soon in his life.” To help cover medical and last expenses, Ortiz has organized a crowdfunding campaign inside the HVAC industry.

“I do not doubt that Rick would have jumped in to lend a hand. I’m merely attempting to fill Rick’s shoes. “It was his words.


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