Shocking Shooting At Clark Atlanta University Homecoming Event-Four People Injured

According to information gathered by Atlanta police, four people were hurt in a midnight shooting at a Clark Atlanta University homecoming event. Students were gathering outside the Woodruff Library on James P. Bradley Drive for Homecoming weekend, according to police, when the shooting occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m.

Crime Occurred Near The Library

After being shot, three guys were taken to the hospital. They are in good health.  A  fourth unidentified victim left the area and refused medical attention. On Sunday morning, the police acknowledged that one of the victims was a student. Three students and one young adult who does not attend the institution were shot, according to a criminal notice from the university. A car traveling west on Parsons Street fired the rounds. Atlanta Police says t a crowd of individuals gathered beside the library to listen to music from a DJ when the incident occurred.

In a statement, Clark Atlanta University said, among other things. “As per the preliminary investigation, four people suffered non-life-threatening wounds due to gunfire fired from a car driving west on Parsons Street. One AUC student, one CAU student, and one non-student made up the four.” The promenade in front of the library was littered with aftereffects of the previous night, including a pair of shoes and food containers, hours after police left the scene.

Patin Drayton-Brown said in an interview that she wished the school had been more open about what happened. She claimed, “We received an email at 2:48 when it all occurred. “People also participated in the main posting’s group conversations, which you can see within. They claim bullets were fired, yet a clerk is now distributing something two hours later. But at that time, everything has already finished.”

Police Gives Prior Importance To Safety Of Students

After the event, the police department at Clark Atlanta University announced additional patrols. Students at other institutions in the Atlanta University Center Consortium are feeling the effects.

Robert Norwood, a senior at Morehouse College said. “I hope that we move on and take the proper safety steps for the homecoming.” We don’t want more occurrences like this to result in student injuries because our homecoming is the following week.
He expressed his hope that all of the institutions in the AUC might work together to find a solution that keeps students safe, and he said he was praying for the Clark Atlanta students who were injured and their families.

“People from other universities and locations in the city of Atlanta simply coming to our campus and being free to wander and cause issues like this is my number one major issue with them,” Norwood said. As the event is still being investigated, CAU Public Safety and the Atlanta Police Department have enhanced police patrols in the neighbourhood, the school reported.

“Unfortunately, our kids must use public roadways to get from one building to another daily. We see that although the criminals did not attend school, they had access to these roads. As we continue to collaborate with the City of Atlanta to find answers to the senseless violence that affects innocent kids and citizens, the safety of our students remains our top concern.” Debra Williams, the CAU Police Chief, stated.

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