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Shocking: Debt collectors Can Now Harass You Via Social Media!


Your DMs are now a way for debt collectors to reach you about missed payments.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau implemented new rules Tuesday allowing debt collectors to send debtors emails, texts, and direct messages via social media in regards to outstanding debts a debtor had owned.

But, there are limitations to debt collectors reaching out to you.

You do not have to give permission to debt collectors to contact you.

However, they must state who they are and provide you with an option of not being contacted online (according to your preferences).

They must also be able to keep their messages private. E.g., debt collectors can send you messages on Facebook but must not post on your public profile or Infos anywhere else that your contacts can see them.

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In accordance with the rules, prior to reporting a debt to a credit rating agency, Debt collectors were required to get in contact with the borrower (face-to-face) or wait two weeks at least after sending a letter or electronic communication, which may include getting in touch through social media before reporting.

According to the CFPB, the change “clarifies how debt collectors can communicate with you, including what information they’re required to provide at the outset of collection about the debt, your rights in debt collection and how you can exercise those rights.”

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