Serial Armed Robber Attacks Chicago Postal Workers: Criminals Realize There are ‘No Penalties’

Residents of Chicago are on edge because of reports of a lone armed man robbing postal employees at gunpoint many times.

Democratic councilman and mayoral candidate Raymond Lopez and councillor Anthony Napolitano appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday to talk about the recent violence in Chicago.

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Criminals “know that a lot of goods travel through the mail service and are targeting our workers and trying to get those keys in order to break into the mailboxes, in violation of federal statutes, city statutes, and every other law that goes with it that comes to mind because there are no consequences in Chicago,” Lopez said.


The theft of a $37,000 check from a Chicago woman in October has been revealed. She attempted to send the cheque to the landscaper, but later discovered that it had already been deposited.

On September 10, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois, a USPS deliveryman organises packages in the rear of his vehicle.

Since the middle of August, at least five of these incidents have been reported to the Chicago police. This led them to send out a community alert.

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Napolitano told Ainsley Earhardt’s audience that “the postal employees are like every other resident of Chicago, apprehensive about their every move.”

Lopez said that the current government has “encouraged criminals to grow wilder and crazier.”

“We must demonstrate that there are repercussions for acts in the city of Chicago, where everyone physically and metaphorically feels under the gun,” Lopez said, pointing the finger at Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

“If you become a nasty criminal in our community, we will deal with you immediately and efficiently,” the mayor and municipal council must declare.

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