Security Guard Shot in a Mall Shooting in the Chicago Region

On Wednesday, a security guard at a mall in the Chicago region was shot and killed.

According to the police, two males attempted to rob a jewellery store at the shopping centre but were stopped by a guard. The thieves brandished guns and fired off several shots.

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Calumet City’s River Oaks Center was the site of a shooting just after noon. The security officer was taken to the hospital, where he tragically passed away.

Calumet City spokesperson Sean Howard stated that around 20 individuals were inside the mall when the incident occurred and that police were attempting to question them.

According to Chief Kevin Kolosh of the Calumet City Police Department, a second guy was treated for a minor hand injury.

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Kolosh said that twenty police officers were nearby at a training facility when the shooting occurred.

Location: 22.3 miles (35.4 km) south of Chicago, in Calumet City.

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