Sasha Banks& Naomi to Take Part in Vulture Festival

Naomi and Sasha Banks will participate in the 2022 Vulture Festival. According to a recent announcement, Naomi (billed as Trinity Fatu) and Banks (billed as Mercedes Varnado) will “just vibe for like an hour” at a Vulture pop culture event on Saturday, November 12 in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Roosevelt will host the Vulture Festival. Prices for the Varnado and Fatu event tickets range from $25 to $37. Other famous people that have been advertised for panels at the gathering include Jamie Lee Curtis, Kumail Nanjiani, and Henry Winkler. On May 16, Banks and Naomi left the WWE, giving up the Women’s Tag Team Championship in the process. Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon placed the two under an indefinite suspension.

Later sources claimed that at least Banks had obtained her WWE release, something WWE has never verified or refuted. Later, other reports would claim that Banks and Naomi had come to an agreement to rejoin the company.

WWE is specifically mentioned in the Vulture release even though a return to the company has not been formally declared. In addition, Banks has promoted a season one episode of Barmageddon on the USA Network, which debuts on December 5. Varnado also shared pictures during a practice at a wrestling academy in Barcelona, Spain.

Additionally, Varnado collaborates with former WWE superstar Kalisto and his wife Abigail in the Kanndela Labs CBD business, which last week in Barcelona earned Best Newcomer at the World CBD Awards. Varnado and Fatu have participated in fashion week events in New York and Los Angeles while on a wrestling break.

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