‘Santa Claus’ is Helped by Chicago police in Delivering Gifts to the Families of Fallen Officers

On Sunday, Santa Claus teamed up with the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation to offer holiday cheer to the families of police officers who had been killed or gravely injured in the line of duty.

This year, instead of flying around on a sleigh, he took a motorcade to various locations as part of Operation Santa. Santa’s helpers were present, including Mrs. Claus and a few elves.

As has become tradition, they paid visits to close to a dozen houses, bringing gifts and good spirits. One officer’s wife praised the act of goodwill and shared how she told her 6-year-old daughter about Santa’s surprise visit.

“‘You know what?’ I finally blurted out. Santa doesn’t mean to be so persistent, but he doesn’t want to lose track of you. Since he’s thinking of you, the bus will make an extra stop;

Memories of ‘Edward Marmolejo’ – A real hero

Additionally, the citizens of Chicago and the police force are remembering you and your family today for the heroic actions of your father Officer Edward Marmolejo was killed in 2018 when he was hit by a train while responding to a report of gunfire, and his wife, Maria, has spoken out about the tragedy.

The foundation’s mission is to perpetuate the memory of law enforcement officers killed or severely injured on the job. More than $17 million has been donated to the charity since 2007 to help support the families of fallen police officers.

source: cbsnews.com

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