Santa Claus Holds Business Meetings with Children This Year

Beginning this weekend at Macy’s, Santa will have professional meetings with kids in a modified format motivated by the epidemic.

Carryover from the COVID Safety Measures

Children won’t be seated on Santa’s knee. But rather they will be seated across from him at a desk in the Jolly One’s office. He also examines his “naughty” and “nice” lists.

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The arrangement is a carryover from the COVID safety measures put in place in 2021. Paul Lopacinski, manager of Macy’s brand and entertainment, says it were really well-liked.

“That’s really very fascinating to see that the desk has sort of worked to assist with that. We’ve actually had a lot of parents praise us for it,” he said.

Santaland is Open Every Saturday

It actually helps with the youngsters who are a little apprehensive of Santa, to give them that barrier to warm up to him.

Santaland is open every Saturday until December 24 at Macy’s State Street.

Other customs will return as well. The 115th Great Tree Lighting in the venue’s storied Walnut Room occurred this year.

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According to Julianne Olivo, a representative for Macy’s, dining beneath the Great Tree is a Chicago tradition that dates back many generations.

The tree is really constructed from the top down, according to Olivo.

The great tree lighting event for this year will take place on Saturday at 11:15.

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