Sadly, the Family Guy Star Lois Gryffin Has Passed Away

Another day, another inexplicable TikTok trend. This week, a popular Family Guy character died on the video-sharing site, raising the philosophical issue of whether cartoon characters can die.

When the victim is a lively lady who has remained the same age for 23 years, celebrity death hoaxes look innocuous. This is all you need to know about Lois Griffin’s health or why her claimed death went viral:

Lois Griffin is Dead

No. Social media has long spread celebrity death hoaxes on Twitter and Facebook.
Lois may be the first fictional figure to fall for the deception. Twitter and TikTok have trended “Lois Griffin is dead at 43” since Boxing Day.

Family Guy fans in panic: Why is Lois Griffin dead trending? | Metro News

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TikTok users recorded themselves announcing the death of a family member, Lois, and their confused responses.

TikTokers tell their families that Lois Griffin died at the age of 43 and film their emotions. “I just saw her on TV last week,” a TikToker says.

Many of those videotaped don’t know Lois and Google her, only to find out she’s a cartoon character, which confuses them. Since Lois hasn’t died in the programme, it’s wise not to overanalyze TikTok patterns.

Lois Griffin?

Family Guy’s primary character is Lois. She is married to Peter Griffin and the mother of Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Brian, the family dog, has a bizarre obsession with Lois, but that’s another story.

Lois has appeared in all 400 episodes of the programme since 1999. Peter’s juvenile behaviour and ill-conceived initiatives frequently irritate her. Lois is roughly 43 in the show.

Why is 'Lois Griffin dead' trending? | The US Sun

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Lois has had birthdays throughout Family Guy, although she has been 43 for almost two decades.

Family Guy’s Lois Griffin?

Alex Borstein, eight years older than Lois, voices her. Borstein has played Lois in every episode. She starred in The Cleveland Show, Bordertown, The Angry Birds Movie, and Robot Chicken.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Getting On, and MadTV have featured Borstein in person. She lives and will appear in 2023 Family Guy episodes.


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