Robinhood Data Breach Exposes Private Details of 7 Million Customers

It examines like there’s a new records breach in the news each couple of weeks. The tardiest big security hack originated from the stock trading app Robinhood, which states that approximately 7 million user accounts were settled. 

Robinhood, no newcomer to debate following last spring’s GameStop story, states that email addresses often flowed and that the most sensible and comprehensive data was just leaked for approximately 300 customers.

If you weren’t one of the millions influenced by the Robinhood violation, possibilities are your data’s been lost in another hack at some time. 

The longer our lives become digital, and we rely on technology every day, the more our data is in danger to some extent of hacks, scams, and crimes. 

Hackers can get recognition of any vulnerability, a health emergency, tricks in companies’ servers and comments, or flawed safety protections — to steal your private and delicate data like credit card numbers, Social Security data, birthdates, email addresses, etc. 

Agreed data can transmit you exposed to larger obstacles like identification fraud.

Though you can’t predict a particular attack, you can surely take measures to defend yourself from additional injury by avoiding scams and watching your credit and your credit card statements.

Here are a few, though not all, of the most important data breaches, hacks, scrapes, and ruins the US has encountered in recent records.


Personal data, involving names, birth dates, phone numbers, and 530 million Facebook users, was published to a hacker website on April 3. 

A Facebook spokes guy tweeted that the data collection was from 2019, which indicates the data was technically irritated. 

Hence, Alon Gal, CTO of cybercrime statistics firm Hudson Rock — who found the data set in January, tweeted that the data could nevertheless be of benefit to hackers.

Poor actors could scour the data within a social media site’s Facebook comment has as been settled.


Marriott International stated that at the end of February, it recognized an “amazing number” of customer information might have been entered with the login details of two workers at a privilege claim. 

The displayed information may involve names, locations, emails, phone numbers, and birthdays. Support account details and data like room choices may additionally have been breached. It is the second significant occurrence to influence the house in the last two year years. 


EasyJet, an airline that depends in the UK, announced that email addresses and tour information for more than 9 million consumers were settled in an “extremely complex” cyberattack. 

Hackers additionally got access to the credit card data of 2,208 consumers. EasyJet announced it’s going on reaching clients whose information was revealed in the breach. 


Seven million consumers had their private information presented, with different amounts and kinds of data leaked. Robinhood states most influenced users had their email addresses and names shown. 

Just approximately 300 users had their nicknames, dates of birth, and ZIP codes leaked. “More comprehensive account details” were settled for approximately 10 clients.

Robinhood published a report stating November 8, saying there had been an information gap on November 3 that had been received. The report further suggested that the party faithful had the required amount in a theft trial. 

“As a Safety First business, we owe it to our clients to be honest, and act with honesty,” stated Caleb Sima, Robinhood’s main security manager.


According to a statement from Cyber News, spiteful stars fixed an archive of data up for business, including irritated information from 500 million LinkedIn profiles. 

A supplementary 2 million documents were leaked as evidence. The archive involved users’ complete names, email addresses, phone numbers, office details, and more. 

“This was not a LinkedIn information crime, and no special member account data from LinkedIn was involved in what we’ve been ready to examine,” LinkedIn stated in a report on April 8. 

The post stated that the data set was “an aggregate of data from different websites and corporations” and involved openly viewable member contour data scoured from LinkedIn.

MGM Resorts

CNET’s sister site ZDNet announced that the personal information of above 10 million earlier MGM hotel guests was announced at a hacking conference. 

The information shared got from a safety incident last year, MGM safety team members said ZDNet. The leaked info incorporated details like clients’ complete names, home locations, phone numbers, email addresses, and birthdates. 

MGM spoke to ZDNet that was certainly no advertisement, cash card, or password data was introduced. The resort chain reportedly informed all influenced guests and has increased its network defense. 


The hackers that infiltrated Anthem Insurance changed the names, dates of birth, post IDs, Social Security figures, addresses, and more of approximately 80 million and retired employees. 

Soon after the hack was announced, the lawyer’s officer challenged Anthem to ignore the importance of the situation to clients. 

In June 2017, Anthem was allowed to pay $115 million to improve the data gap class-action claim from the 2015 hack. 


Yahoo users were forced to modify their passwords after hackers swiped personal information from approximately half a billion email accounts. 

At the moment, the amounts made it the largest data violation in records. Originally, the victims were listed at 500 million, making the hack the most influential in history. 

Yahoo gradually increased the number but announced in 2017 that none of its 3 billion accounts had become safe in the original crime. That’s 3 billion names, email addresses, phone numbers, encrypted passwords, and safety issues. 

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