Robert Sarver’s Updated Net Worth 2022: Biography, Career, Personal Life and More

Robert Sarver, a 60-year-old American entrepreneur, co-founded the real estate development company Southwest Value Partners.

He owns most of the Spanish soccer team RCD Mallorca and the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury of the National Basketball Association.

Robert Sarver’s Net Worth

According to an estimate, Robert Sarver, an American businessman, is worth $800 million.

He has a majority stake in three American professional sports franchises(Phoenix Mercury, RCD Mallorca, and an American club). For his racist and sexually harassing behavior, he was recently given a one-year suspension and a $10 million fine.

His real estate development business, Southwest Value Partners, is widely recognised as a major contributor to his fame. Many people admire Robert Sarver for his achievements in business.

In light of his discoveries on Phoenix suns, Robert Sarver has gained widespread recognition.

That’s why so many people are curious about Robert Sarver’s wealth. In spite of this, he is worth an estimated $800 million. In this post, we’ll take a look at the Phoenix Suns’ history, background, education, profession, wealth, enterprises, and probes. Have a look at it.

Robert Sarver’s Biography

On October 31, 1961, Robert Sarver was born

 to Irene and Jack Sarver in Tucson, Arizona.

His father was a successful Tucson entrepreneur who built and ran two hotels—the Plaza International and the Aztec Inn Tucson—at the intersection of Speedway and Campbell, where he grew up.

Before he died suddenly of a heart attack in 1979, his father was also a successful banker and hotel owner.

Robert finished high school at Sabino and then went on to get a business administration degree from the University of Arizona in 1982. In 1983, he worked as a certified public accountant thanks to his degree.

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Robert Sarver’s Career

In 1984, Robert began his career by founding what would become the National Bank of Arizona in Tucson.

In 1994, he sold it to Zions Bancorporation, the nation’s largest independent bank. After that, in 1972, he founded Grossmont Bank, the biggest community bank in San Diego, which he sold ten years later. He was employed by a banking firm up until the year 2003.

Not only did he work in the banking industry, but he also launched the real estate firm Southwest Value in 1995.

He has invested in businesses in addition to helping pay for an NBA team, the Verizon 5G Performance Center, the Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association, and other similar projects.

With his $230 million contribution in 2022, he made significant progress on the Footprint Center’s expansion.

In 2004, he bought the Phoenix Suns, who would go on to win the NBA Finals in 2021, and the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA. Internet users took notice of him as he delved into the mystery of Phoneix Suns.

Personal Life

Penny Sanders is the name of Robert Sarver’s wife. In 1996, he tied the knot with Penny. They had their first encounter in ’91. Maax, Jake, and Zachary are their three sons.

The couple, Robert and Penny, do a lot of good in the world. Regular contributions to the Heart Center date back to 1998.

Recently, Robert has been in the news because of allegations that he fostered a hostile and poisonous working atmosphere inside his staff over a period of 17 years.

He is also being accused of establishing a sexist climate that inhibits women from joining the WNBA team, the Mercury, and of making racially offensive statements.

Robert is also accused of tampering with his coaches, which he strongly disputed in a statement made over two weeks ago. The NBA is looking into whether he and the Phoenix Suns made a bad environment for female players.


As of the year 2022, Robert Sarver has a $25 million yearly salary and a net worth of $800 million. Throughout his career, Robert Sarver made $8,000 per week, $32,000 per month, and $4,000,000 annually. He put up $400 million, and now the Phoenix Suns are worth $1.55 billion.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Robert Sarver have?

There is a consensus that Robert Server has a net worth of $800 million.

What is Robert Sarver’s annual salary?

His projected yearly income in 2022 is $25 million, according to a number of different sources. His investments, partnerships, and entrepreneurial efforts provide the bulk of his income.

What does Robert Sarver do for a living?

Robert is a successful American entrepreneur who owns many professional sports teams. Because of his success, he became a wealthy businessman and the owner of a company that builds new homes.

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