Rideshare Driver Arrested After Standoff With Police at Metro Station

On Wednesday morning, a man broke into a rideshare car that was stopped in the Mount Washington area. After a three-hour standoff with Los Angeles Police Department officers and SWAT, the man was arrested.

At 7:45 a.m., a carpool driver called 911 to report a passenger with a gun who wouldn’t get out of the car in front of the Southwest Museum Metro Station.

Buses replace trains between Heritage Square and Highland Park due to ongoing police activity:

The passenger was being rude and wouldn’t cooperate. It turned out that the man got into the car by force, not using a rideshare app, and the driver told him he wasn’t a cab.

Armed Uber passenger in standoff with LAPD in front of the Mt. Washington Metro station near Highland Park:

“I asked the suspect passenger to get out of my car, and I saw what looked like a gun. I ran to call the police,” the driver said.

There was a standoff that lasted for almost three hours and slowed down Metro train service in the area while police circled the parked silver rideshare sedan at Museum Drive and Marimon Way. Two SWAT vehicles also arrived to help.

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During the whole thing, Metro train service between Highland Park and Heritage Square stopped because the Southwest Museum Station was closed. For a short time, bus shuttles took over passenger service.

The suspect was taken into police custody around 10:45 a.m., and the gun was found to be a fake.

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