Richard Harrison Fight Against The Fentanyl Epidemic!

No parent should ever have to receive a phone call like the one Richard Harrison received on September 18, 2023, he claims. The Fort Worth Police Department was on the line, informing Harrison that his kid had passed away. Brandon, who was his son, was 26 years old. Richard Harrison acknowledged his struggle with addiction but declared that he was changing his life.

“He was just a good kid,” Richard Harrison said with tears in his eyes. “He didn’t deserve to go out like that.” In September, Brandon purchased two blue pills from a dealer, thinking it was Percocet, a brand of oxycodone. “He took one pill. One pill was it. And he never woke up,” Richard Harrison said.

The US Dr*g Enforcement Administration claims that the lethal dose of fentanyl is only two milligrams. That’s equivalent to a few salt grains. Four out of ten bogus pills, according to the DEA, contain a potentially lethal dose.

Fort Worth Father Loses Son To Fentanyl

According to the Fort Worth Police Department, Tarrant County has experienced approximately 2,500 overdoses this year. These fentanyl overdoses predominate. This year, overdose deaths have affected more than 100 people.

One of the most recent fatalities to which Fort Worth Police have attended was that of Brandon. Jacob Lindsay, a male, has been detained in connection with this.

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“Me and his mom will never get over it, but I do know that he’s proud of us,” Richard Harrison said as he spread the word about the dangers of fentanyl. “I do know that he is not suffering anymore and he doesn’t have to deal with addiction anymore. And he’s set free.” Richard Harrison wants to warn others about the dangers of fentanyl and the ongoing epidemic. “This pill will kill you.”

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