‘RHOBH’: Kathy Hilton’s Aspen Meltdown Leads to Another Feud With Kyle Richards

‘RHOBH’ Teases Kathy Hilton’s ‘Meltdown,’ while Lisa Rinna claims, ‘The World Thinks She Is Someone She Isn’t.’

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards rekindled their feud in Aspen

Kyle Richards wanted to show her friends a good time in Aspen. The trips she had planned for months ended up being a series of meltdowns and fights between the women.
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – JANUARY 10: Rick Hilton, Kathy Hilton. The actress Lisa Rinna attended the Audi Golden Globes Celebration with Nominee Anna Paquin at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California, on January 10, 2010.

Tensions rose even higher in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It appears that Kathy Hilton is next in line.

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Erika Girardi was at the center of the drama last week. As the woman grilled her about the seven-figure diamond earrings, her ex-husband gave her 15 years ago. She was allegedly using money stolen from his clients’ settlements. She is being insensitive to the victims he left behind in the acquisition.

Actress Lisa Rinna of “RHOBH” isn’t done with it.

This week’s episode focused on Kyle Richards’, 53, complicated relationship with her older sister, Kathy. Kyle planned several enjoyable activities for the group, but as is often the case with plans, things did not go as planned.

Tensions remained high throughout the trip, dubbed “tequila-gate.” While the group partied at various high-end bars and restaurants, Kathy, 63, continued to promote the Casa Del Sol tequila brand in which she and her daughters, Paris and Nicky, had invested.

Kyle was very excited to take the woman to one of her favorite restaurants in Aspen, Kemo Sabe.

“Anyone familiar with me is aware of my adore Kemo Sabe. It’s more than just a store where you can buy hats and boots, “she confessed in a confessional, adding that going there is a rite of passage for all of her Aspen friends.

RHOBH' Kyle Richards Shares What Sparked Kathy Hilton Drama

She also expressed her excitement about having all the women measured for custom-made hats and that she had reserved a space for them to drink.

Erika Girardi’s RHOBH co-stars accused her of lacking “empathy” after she lived “on the backs of victims.”

Kathy was pleased to see her tequila served at the bar, but she became enraged when Lisa Rinna asked for a taste of Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila and marveled at its sweet, candy-like flavor.

“I’m curious because it’s my friend Kendall Jenner’s tequila. I’ve never tried it, “Lisa, 59, yelled loudly enough for the entire bar to hear.

When Kathy approached, Lisa explained that she was curious. “You know how much I adore yours,” she added.
“Of course, they’ve got Kathy’s tequila, and I have a sneaking suspicion Kathy put it there herself,” Lisa confessed. “Kathy made sure there was tequila, which is good for her.”

She continued by saying that she has three friends who own tequila brands. “I just wanted to try the one I hadn’t tried before. I tried it and moved on, “Lisa stated.
Diana Jenkins of RHOBH donates $100,000 to victims of Tom Girardi’s alleged financial crimes.

Returning to Kemo Sabe, Kathy was enraged about the situation. “I can’t believe what she just said,” she muttered.


Garcelle Beauvais joked about the tequila debacle in her own confessional. “Are we under contract to consume this tequila?” she inquired. “I’m curious because I didn’t sign on the dotted line.”

Kathy wanted to leave right away. However, Kyle persuaded her to stay. Kathy eventually decided it was too much for her and left.

Kathy can hear mumbling on her way out that Lisa’s actions were “too f—-ing disgusting.” She also said, “I am f—-ing pissed!”

They directed her rage at Kyle for failing to support her in the situation.

“Once Kathy is mad, it’s difficult to change her mind,” Kyle admitted in a confessional as she reflected on what had happened. “Kathy can be a lot of fun and funny. She can also be challenging. What bothers me the most is how much I let it affect me. That is where friendship differs from the sisterhood.”

Denise Richards Says She’d Return to RHOBH. Even If Lisa Rinna Stays, Kathy is usually quiet, even-tempered, and funny. Still, fans saw her differently when Kyle opened up about their relationship.

Kyle went into a confessional after losing track of Kathy on the way to a cafe.
“I’ve done it ever since I was a child. Little girl Kathy and I were walking down the street, she’d disappear into stores and stuff, and I’d panic thinking I was lost,” she explained.

“Now I truly believe I am my sister’s keeper. This woman is impossible to track.”
Despite the lighthearted nature of the remark, things quickly became serious and dark as everyone tried to maintain composure and enjoy the last night of the trip.

Things erupted later that evening when Kyle suggested the group stop at the Caribou Club for one more drink before turning in for the night.

“Kyle wishes to visit one more bar. What could go wrong?” Erika, 51, asked in a confessional that led into a teaser for next week’s episode, showing a glimpse of the massive fight between Kathy, Lisa, and Kyle later that night.

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Her first jumbled text message read: “I got into a sprinter with Kathy, and she had a complete meltdown I’ve never heard or seen anything like it in my life,” followed by “Anger screaming throwing things crying.” I’m locked in my room.” “The hatred that just came out of her towards her sister…I’m speechless,” the final text read.

Lisa added her thoughts in a confessional as The texts appeared on the screen. “Kathy Hilton’s concept is familiar to me… This socialite is compassionate, loving, and a pillar of society. The world believes she is someone she is not, “She stated.

The episode ended with a text message from Kathy to Lisa dated Sunday, January 30. “Silence is priceless. I am remaining silent, “It said. The announcement follows by heart emojis, but they couldn’t mask the rage and resentment.

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