Retired Air Force Pilot Shares Insight On Investigation Regarding Dallas Air Show Plane Crash

Six people were killed when two ancient military aircraft crashed in midair during an air display. A national transportation official looking into the crash’s cause stated on Sunday that one of the main issues for investigators is why the planes appeared to be in the same area moments before impact.

On Saturday, approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers) outside the city center, a World War II-era bomber and a fighter plane collided and crashed to the ground in a burst of flames, leaving crumpled debris in a grassy area inside the Dallas Executive Airport boundary. Videos of the fighter plane colliding with the bomber were broadcast on social media.

The bomber disaster in Connecticut three years prior to this one left seven people dead, and it coincided with recurring worries about the security of air displays including older jets. In its more than 60-year history, the corporation that owned the aircraft used in the Wings Over Dallas exhibition has experienced past crashes.


Six people died in the crash, according to a tweet posted on Sunday by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and the county medical examiner. According to him, authorities are still trying to identify the victims. There were no reports of injuries on the ground, according to Dallas Fire-Rescue.

A retired Air Force pilot who previously flew for American Airlines for many years is providing some insight into what investigators are looking into in the deadly air show crash investigation on Saturday.


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