Residents Of Downtown Las Vegas Townhomes Have More Problems Because Of Squatters During The Huge Fire In June

Nevada’s Las Vegas — Firefighters in Las Vegas fought what they described as the largest fire. Inside the city limits in the previous 25 years over the summer. As winter weather approaches. The neighbors whose homes were still standing claim that the Fremont complex near Charleston is turning into a haven for squatters.

A resident, Gillum Perez-Marcoux, said, “It’s almost like a target.” “It attracts vagrants. I feel sorry for them. Although it is uncomfortable to be outside in the cold, we must be concerned for our safety. Many families in this area rely on these fences to keep them safe, but they most certainly don’t.”

Earlier this month, Perez-Marcoux recorded video of a fire that started in a vacant townhouse that was destroyed in the June fire.

Perez-Marcoux remarked, “I look over, and there’s just this huge flame on top of the roof.”

The locals claimed that individuals are scaling fences, squatting in vacant homes, stealing from them, and trying to break into others.

“Everyone in our immediate area is treated to a free-for-all show. “We worry about another fire every day here,” Natalie Avila said. “It seems like nothing is getting done because we’re in Charleston and are here in Fremont.”
The residents want more security and better barriers to keep outsiders out of the gated community.

Right now, we’re still going through hell, said Avila. “I have two kids, and the last thing I want is for them to be unable to even play outside in their neighborhood of the private property.”

The summer fire has left at least ten apartments uninhabitable. The fire department has not yet disclosed the fire’s official cause, but locals told FOX5 they think it was started by homeless people close to newly constructed townhomes.

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