Reports indicate that Miley Cyrus and Her Father Billy Ray are “Not on Good Terms” in the Wake of the Couple’s Recent Divorce

Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus grew up together and even co-starred in a very successful Disney Channel sitcom.

Haley Montana When her father and mother Tish separated, their relationship apparently took a gloomy turn, and there is now no sign of an end to the conflict.

Although her parents had been in and out of marriage for close to 30 years, Miley was extremely open about the most recent divorce. Even further, they decided to stop following one another on Instagram.

The sun According to Miley, the matter “really escalated” and they “don’t get along well” because she “didn’t agree with some of the things her dad did.” According to a member of the family, the father-daughter relationship had a falling out that caused the gap.

Words concerning what transpired towards the end of Billy and Tish’s marriage and afterward had been exchanged, but they admitted that they plainly had very different perspectives on the matter.

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The two are now in a stalemate as they wait for someone to apologise. The insider said, “At the moment, none of them are especially interested in making amends without an apology.

Tish said: Billy and Miley are both upset, but the rest of the family is hoping it will be over soon and they can get along.

Tish filed for divorce for the third time in their marriage in April, citing “irreconcilable differences,” but according to court documents, she also noted that they “have not lived together continuously as husband and wife for more than two years.” via way of Us Weekly.

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