Rental assistance: Apply Now or Miss Out on Benefits Up to $63,000

2022 has started off to a bad start as the emergency rental assistance has ended in these 4 U.S. States.

  • New York;
  • New Jersey;
  • Oregon;
  • Texas.

So, in the hindsight, it has become super important for others eligible to receive emergence assistance to apply for it.

If the emergency rental assistance is something you need to get rid of some part of the financial burden during this tough time, it’s not too late for you to receive the government’s assistance and pay off some necessary bills.

What’s included in emergency rental assistance?

As far as the emergency rental assistance program is concerned, it includes help in paying unpaid rent and utility bills for up to 18 months.

With all these benefits ready to avail, many eligible Americans have already availed of the services included in this program.

After getting to know of this advantage, are you interested in it?

I bet you’re. However, before you apply for this program, there’s an eligibility criterion you need to meet.

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Who is Eligible to Receive emergency rental assistance?

To be eligible to receive emergency rental assistance, this is the list of criteria you need to meet:

  • First, you must have faced hardship during a covid pandemic wave.
  • Owe rent because of financial burden.
  • You may not make over 80% of the median income for your area.
  • You’re at a brisk of going homeless.
  • Some states demand proper documentation of receiving unemployment benefits or any loss of income.

How Much emergency rental assistance will you receive?

With the maximum benefit allocation of up to $63, 000, the amount you’ll get depends on where you live.

While some states offer support for up to 18 months, some have limited benefits for one year.

So, with an option to avail $63,000 in emergency rental assistance benefits, would you apply for it?

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