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Regarding Bob Costas: Everyone Making The Same Joke


Bob Costas is available for the American League Division Series between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Guardians.

Costas is a legendary broadcaster but can be a bit rambling during games.

Fans took to social media to mock Costas’ performance.
“BOB COSTAS: While it may appear to be a happy night for Lake Erie fans, the unfortunate truth remains: it is possible that the Zodiac Killer—who has yet to be officially apprehended—could be among the Cleveland fans.”

“I think he held his swing there, RON DARLING,” one fan joked.

“We’re here in Cleveland, where the slight autumn chill in the air is a bleak reminder of the chilling fact that every day we all spiral towards the unavoidable conclusion we call death,” says Bob Costas.

Another fan wrote, “Ron darling: I think he goes fastball here.”
On Sunday night, Costas will be on the call.

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