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Refugees: Migration researcher Gerald Knaus calls for renewal of the EU-Turkey deal



On the fifth anniversary of the EU refugee deal with Turkey, the expert Gerald Knaus, often referred to as its “architect”, calls for a reform of the agreement. The fact that the EU had not started new negotiations with Ankara before the expiry of the previous year was a “serious mistake”, Knaus said in an APA interview. In any case, the prospects for a new agreement are good: both Turkey and Greece are very interested in it.

The only thing missing is someone “who can bring it to the table,” said the Austrian migration researcher. The EU Commission will not be, individual states would have to take action here. The EU-Turkey deal, which is actually “only” a legally non-binding “declaration”, is primarily due to the commitment of the German government.

In Knaus’ opinion, a new agreement should aim at an immediate evacuation of the camps on the Greek islands. “Something like that must never happen again.” In addition, it must be ensured that there are enough staff to process asylum applications on the islands. The agreement should also be extended to land borders (so far it is only applicable to arrivals by sea) and contain a “binding, clear commitment” by the EU to Turkey to accept refugees. As the fourth of five points for a new deal, Knaus named the creation of a kind of monitoring mechanism to prevent human rights violations such as illegal rejections in the Aegean. Finally, the situation on the Turkish-Syrian border should be addressed “urgently” and taken seriously, the expert outlined his suggestions.

The original agreement reached on March 18, 2016 resulted in a “win-win-win situation for everyone” up to around a year ago, emphasized Knaus. The EU “was in control, Turkey received aid and the right to asylum was also preserved.” In addition, the number of arrivals fell immediately. Since the “big break” at the end of February / beginning of March last year, as the expert puts it, there has been a “lose-lose-lose situation” – Turkey has no additional money, the EU is pushing people back illegally (pushbacks) and the situation on the Greek islands has not really improved either.

According to Knaus, one of the “two big mistakes” of the agreement can be found there: The conditions of admission to the Aegean Islands were “always deterring”, faster procedures and thus faster deportations have never been achieved. The second big mistake was that after the deal expired, Brussels did not approach Turkey to start new negotiations, explained the head of the “European Stability Initiative” (ESI) think tank. Instead, it came to a break after calls from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for more financial support in Brussels and he then had refugees taken to the borders with buses. The Greek border guards reacted with violence and the government temporarily suspended the right to asylum. “Since then, the pushbacks have also skyrocketed,” said Knaus, concerned.

According to the migration expert, the “big question” for the EU is now: “Are you satisfied with the status quo – suspension of the refugee convention, breaking the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), pushbacks – a state of quasi lawlessness? Reach an agreement with Turkey that is in line with human rights? “

There are two options today: “Humane control with the right to asylum or the current policy of deterrence.” The more Europeans get used to violence and European migration policy going hand in hand, the faster the Geneva Convention on Refugees will die, warned Knaus with a view to human rights violations at several EU borders.

When asked whether the EU would not make itself more dependent on Turkey by renewing the agreement, the co-initiator of the pact replied: “Whether the EU wants humane border protection and relies on cooperation, or on forbidden pushbacks, that is decided by the European government In the first case, the EU needs partners, including Turkey. There is no deterrent by suspending all legal standards. Only that would be a very high price. “

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NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Nails Its Seventh Flight on Mars



The seventh trip of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars saw the vehicle fly almost 350 feet to an arrival detect that hadn’t been firmly overviewed already. 

Ingenuity keeps on dazzling. This show mission, which started on April 3, was expected to keep going for 30 days, yet NASA appears to be quick to get however much mileage from this little airplane as could be expected. Also, it’s difficult to fault them. Regardless of a wonky 6th flight, creativity has performed surprisingly well, exhibiting the potential for more yearning and refined Martian airplanes. 

This most recent jump was the first for Ingenuity since encountering an in-flight abnormality during its 6th trip on May 22, 2021. During that flight, the helicopter’s route framework got freaked out under a solitary lost casing, bringing about some disturbing herky-jerky developments. Resourcefulness figured out how to endure the additional time and energy needed to finish the flight, and it arrived minus any additional problem. 

Leniently, nothing seems to have turned out badly during the seventh excursion. It was “another effective flight,” proclaimed NASA JPL on Twitter. “No peculiarities in flight 7, Ingenuity is solid!” expressed an unknown colleague. No careful date was given for the seventh flight, besides NASA saying it would happen no sooner than this past Sunday, June 6. The space organization delivered a solitary high contrast photograph taken by Ingenuity during the flight. 

Ingenuity’s seventh jump was a little more than a moment long, during which time the 4-pound (1.8-kilogram) helicopter voyaged 348 feet (106 meters). It flew south, arriving in a totally new spot. The new runway was picked dependent on satellite information given by the HiRISE camera onboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, demonstrating it to be level and liberated from obstructions. 

No word yet on an eighth flight; however, we have no motivation to trust it will not occur. Also, indeed, Ingenuity appears to be no worn out. On Twitter, NASA JPL cited a colleague saying: “No indication of maturing yet in the actuator framework. With each flight, we acquire extra certifiable data on the presentation of the rotor and its warm qualities, which permits us to steadily increment permissible flight times.” So that is quite promising. By proceeding to stretch Ingenuity’s boundaries, NASA will be better prepared to plan its replacement. 

NASA’s Perseverance meanderer as of late outperformed 100 Sols, or Martian days, on Mars. It studied the initial five Ingenuity flights. However, NASA now needs not so much spectating but rather more sciencing from the wanderer. Until this point, Perseverance has tried every one of its cameras and instruments and transferred more than 75,000 pictures, and recording sounds on Mars and producing oxygen from the climate. 

From here, Perseverance, alongside its trusty companion, will move south towards the following objective space of investigation.

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Huge Internet Outage, Some Of World’s Biggest Sites Go Down!



major websites

Social media giants, government websites, and other essential retail ones were down on Tuesday morning. Several officials from different parts of the globe massively reported this outage. Some reports pointed out the glitch in the cloud computing platform Fastly.

But fastly didn’t verify the content and said that they were investigating the matter. Meanwhile, retail giant Amazon was also facing a similar issue. More than 21.000 Reddit users reported the glitch, while 2,000 users from Amazon also reported the glitch.

Many news platforms, along with social media giants, were in a similar outage early Tuesday morning. News forums like Financial Times, the New York Times, CNN, and Bloomberg News were down.
Direct reports also suggested this massive outage was due to the technical glitch in a private CDN ( Content Delivery Network), but CDN confirmed no details.

Those websites displayed the message “Error 503 Service Unavailable”. At the same time, some experts believe that the outage was due to Fastly: a cloud computing forum.

The Guardian Australia tweeted: “The Guardian’s website and app are currently being affected by a wider internet outage and will be back as soon as possible.”

Separately Amazon also displayed the error message. Both website and browser were down and not showing content. Besides, Britain’s Guardian newspaper said that they witnessed this outage and both their platform was down in early wee business hours.

However, according to Reuters, US-based cloud company services Fastly was experiencing a technicality. San Francisco-based Fastl later said to the reports that they were investigating “the potential impact to performance with our CDN services,” on the official website.

Coverage that was processed by Fastly was also facing degraded performance. Cloud-based services run on a delivery network that pushes the data around the internet. It will help businesses in operating smoothly where customers buy or sell their products.

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Vatican criminalizes sexual abuse of adults by priests!



vatican laws

In the primary shift, Pope Francis rewrote church laws. It will criminalize abuses of adults by priests who sometimes misuse their authority. And laypeople who hold church office cab also be charged for such crimes.

The laws were released after careful analysis and investigation compiled by the authorities for over 14 years. The revised criminal law section is the Vatican’s code of canon law which governs 1.4 million Catholic church members, and this law operates independently from civil laws.

The new law is the overhaul after nearly 40 years. New rules will make sexual abuses, preparing young for sex activities, possessing child pornography, and covering up any abuse will be considered a criminal offense under Vatican law.

Pope Francis further specified that Vatican laws aim to “reduce the number of cases in which the… penalty was left to the discretion of authorities”.

The Catholic church has reported many cases of abuse by adults in other activities, and Vatican law is one step in stopping them. There were coverups by a clergyman about the abuses of priests globally, and victims often criticized laws for motivating them further.
Previous catholic laws were outdated and protected higher authorities, and were open to interpretation.

The new Vatican aw will replace Pope John Paul II’s last updated rules in 1983. New Vatican laws will be precise and more specific language and warning bishops to take action if he comes across any complaints.

The new rules will also prevent the directive of women, recording any confessions, and committing fraud in the future.
Previously there was no provision of complaints against abuse of power by authorities.

But this new law will put a stop to abuse which earlier gave consent on their age. The code says a priest can lose their position if they used “force, threats or abuse of his authority” to engage in sexual acts.

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