Reason Why Massachusetts Residents Have an Extra Day to File Their Taxes

With April just around the corner, it’s time for people t start filing their personal income taxes for the previous year with the IRS.

Taxpayers have until Monday, April 18 to file their taxes.  However, certain American may have until Tuesday, April 19, to file both their federal and state taxes, if they live in Massachusetts.

According to the MassGov website, income tax returns are due to the IRS on the first business day following Emancipation Day, which is celebrated in D.C. on Friday the 15th.

Fund107 states that due to Patriots’ Day being celebrated on Monday the 18th, Massachusetts residents have an extra day in which to file both their federal and state personal income tax returns.

Massachusetts residents who may not be able to complete the filing by the April 19 deadline will need, at the very least, to file for an extension by that date. In this case, the extended deadline to file is Monday, Oct. 17.  Click here for Federal Tax Information and Massachusetts Tax Information.

Those of you who have already filed your state income tax return may be a bit dismayed by the amount you owe.

According to Forbes, nine states do not have an income tax: New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. So, you can decide better as regards tax when next you want to change your residence location.

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