RDNA 2 Architecture Equipped in the Radeon RX 6000M Line of Products Announced by AMD

AMD released the long-awaited Radeon RX 6000M series of mobile GPUs, using RDNA 2 architecture. Today’s release includes three chips: RX 6800M (configurable to 145W and above), RX 6700M (up to 135W), and RX. 6600M (up to 100W). AMD claims that the flagship 6800M provides the fastest AMD graphics card for notebook computers; it claims that the 6800M will run modern AAA games at a frame rate equal to or higher than Nvidia’s mobile RTX 3080. It also claims to outperform Nvidia chips when playing drums.

It stated that the RX 6700M would provide up to 100 fps in “popular games” at a resolution of 1440p. 6600M is most suitable for “epic 1080p games”. Pay close attention to independent reviews of these chips in the next few weeks to better understand your expectations for each chip. The 6000M series will be available on June 1.

AMD also announced AMD Advantage. This is a new “design initiative” designed to encourage OEMs to include specific features in their AMD systems and show consumers the Ryzen and Radeon technology laptops that AMD considers to be the best. This is similar to the idea behind the Intel Evo program, but only for laptops, and the standards seem to be much stricter.

AMD Advantage laptops are expected to include: AMD Ryzen 5000 mobile processors, Radeon 6000 graphics and Radeon software, AMD Smart Access memory, and Smart Shift technology for at least 300 pure brightness displays with 100% or 72 sRGB coverage. NTSC spectrum utilization, 144Hz minimum refresh rate, and low latency support Freesync. At least one SSD-WASD NVME PICE Express Gen 3 supports a temperature range below 40 ° C

The number of laptops meeting all of these criteria is unknown. A temperature of 40 degrees Celsius is usually as hot as the keyboard in the middle. However, not many gaming devices have consistent battery life and 10 hours of video. Most of the best gaming laptops have brightness up to 300. Not all types of Intel Evo-certified laptops meet all of my Evo requirements, however. Test. Units and methods may vary.

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