Rapper Pnb Rock Is Remembered With A Flood Of Tributes As Gun Violence plagues the Hip-Hop Scene

PnB Rock, a rapper, was shot. He is killed during a robbery in South Los Angeles, leaving behind family, friends, fans, and hip-hop stars. On Monday afternoon. He was 30.

Tribute to the Rapper

In an Instagram tribute, his brother, rapper PnB Meen, expressed heartbreak and grief, along with a photo of the brothers as children.

PnB Meen wrote, “I can’t stop crying, bro.” “… I can’t even write, my stomach is tight, I can’t see, I can’t eat, I’m dying slow, bro.”


“Rock, I love you, big brother, with all my heart and soul… I’m sorry it wasn’t me. Why do they take the one who provides for the entire family?” he added, vowing to look after his late brother’s two young children.

The rapper, Rakim Allen, was killed during a robbery at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles while dining with his girlfriend. According to police, the suspect demanded jewelry and other valuables before fighting Allen and opening fire.

Allen’s death is the latest in many tragedies, recent shootings, and killings of prominent rappers and up-and-coming local artists from Chicago to New York City. The latter was shot and killed at a young age during attempted robberies or Violence resulting from reported disagreements.

As an artist and producer, the Philadelphia-born rapper was a force on the East Coast, working with some of the world’s most well-known artists hip-hop industry.

Hip-hop stars ranging from Drake and Young Thug to Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj paid tribute on social media to Allen, with some reflecting on the hip-hop community’s ongoing Violence.

“Rip dawg, you didn’t deserve that, and every time I see one of my friends bleed out, I feel bad for you.” or get killed on camera, I get a sick feeling I can’t explain. It reverts me to survival mode! “Meek Mill said on Twitter.

Growing Violence Concerns Public

In a May 2022 report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that gun violence is a growing public health concern in the United States. (CDC). The United States disproportionately affects Black people.

“My heart is breaking for the MOTHERS OF THESE KIDS who tried to make something better of their lives!!!” Nicki Minaj tweeted following the death of PnB Rock.

Smokepurpp, a Chicago rapper who collaborated with Allen, paid tribute to PnB Rock on Instagram, calling him a “pure heart and soul” and reflecting on the dangers of being in the hip-hop industry.


He wrote that being a rapper is one of the most hazardous professions. “I know you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true,” he said.
Lil TJay, a 21-year-old New York rapper, was recently shot during an attempted robbery in Edgewater, New Jersey.

On November 17, 2021, Memphis rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed in his hometown while visiting Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies, a South Memphis bakery. He was 36.

Mia Jaye, a longtime partner of Dolph’s and the mother of his children, expressed her condolences to Allen’s family following his death in an interview with ABC News Live in January.

Rappers and Black Men are Targeted Continuously

“Why does it seem like predators are preying on rappers and black men in general?” she asked on Instagram.

Following the shooting death of her brother. Jaye launched the “Black Men Deserve to Grow Old” campaign in 2019 to assist families. Who has lost husbands and fathers due to violent crime?

Jaye wrote, “All of this s— is disturbing, out of control, and heartbreaking following the death of PnB rock. “How will the story change?”

Slim 400, a Compton rapper, was fatally shot in Inglewood, California, on December 9, hours after he posted a tribute to Dolph on Instagram. He was 33.

On December 18, 28-year-old Los Angeles rapper Drakeo the Ruler was stabbed to death backstage at the Once Upon a Time in Los Angeles festival.

On November 11, 2020, rapper Mo3 was assassinated in Dallas. Just days after, King Von, another rising star in the industry, was assassinated in Atlanta.

Earlier that year, on February 19, Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke was fatally shot during an attempted robbery at his Hollywood Hills rental home. After reportedly sharing his location on social media. Above all, he was 20 years old when he was killed. Just months before the release of “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon,” his debut album. It received a double platinum certification.

Nipsey Hussle, 33, of Los Angeles, was shot and killed on March 31, 2019, at his Marathon Clothing store in the Crenshaw neighborhood.
In addition, rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed during an armed robbery in Deerfield, Florida, in June 2018. He was 20.

Rappers’ Whereabouts are Posted on Social Media causes the Violence.

“Rappers and their loved ones can’t possibly continue to post on social media after Pop Smoke,” Nicki Minaj tweeted. “[PnB Rock] was a joy to work with; my condolences to his mother and family; this makes me sick.”

According to social media posts, Allen’s Roscoe’s location was allegedly tagged on social media in a since-deleted message. On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore told the Los Angeles Times that the LAPD is investigating whether the geotagged post was linked to the attack.

According to ABC News, LAPD detectives are aware of a social media post in which his location was tagged. Police are examining surveillance videos to identify potential suspects.

Allen spoke About the Potential Attempts of Violence Prior.

During a September 2 interview on the podcast “Off the Record with DJ Akademiks,” Allen reflected on previous robberies in Los Angeles. In addition, said that he was targeted while out with his girlfriend and their daughter.

“Someone shot me on Fairfax, like, in the middle of a pandemic,” he said, while DJ Akademiks pointed out that robberies in Los Angeles are “brave” and can be deadly and occur “in broad daylight.”
“It’s just a new generation; everyone is on demon s—,” Allen explained.

The rapper was an independent artist who became prominent on the SoundCloud platform. And had several hits. That was charted on the Billboard Hot 100. He was named to XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class of 2017 rappers to watch.

He is best known for songs like “Selfish” and “Cross Me.” Which features Chance the Rapper and has hundreds of millions of Spotify streams. On September 2, he released his latest single, “Luv Me Again.”

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