Rainfall in California Resulted in One Demise and Four Missing After Being Swept Downstream- 5 People were Rescued

While five people were saved from being swept away by a downstream current near Los Angeles, one person was reported deceased, and four others have yet to be located after rainstorms pounded the area.

On Tuesday morning, a caller reported to Ontario authorities that six people had been swept away, according to reports. After the fact, fire officials acknowledged that ten persons had been swept away.

Five individuals were pulled to safety by Wednesday afternoon, and one death was found in a nearby basin. They hadn’t found the other four yet. The Ontario Fire Department warned residents to stay away from riverbeds and flood channels on Tuesday by tweeting a video of the swift stream.

The organization added that six inches of water is all it takes to wash someone away. The incident occurred while rainstorms brought water and snow to the Los Angeles region.

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