Rainfall Alert: LA County Urges 72-Hour Beach Avoidance

A warning was issued on Saturday for those planning to visit any beaches in Los Angeles County during the holiday weekend to stay out of the water because runoff from the previous week’s rainstorms may have increased levels of bacteria.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, there may be beach contamination through Monday night due to chemicals, bacteria, debris, garbage, and other health risks, particularly in the areas around storm drains, creeks, and rivers.

Following recent rainfall from the week, there’s a potential for higher bacteria levels from runoff at our coast:

According to authorities, rain advisories are still in force 72 hours after the last day of rain.

By calling the 800-525-5662 beach closure hotline, people can always listen to recorded information about the state of the beach. An online map of the affected areas is also accessible.

Find some of the latest headlines below:

Similar advice was released by the Orange County Health Care Agency, cautioning swimmers to stay out of bay and ocean waters along to storm drains, creeks, and rivers both during and after rainstorms.

Additionally, a sewage spill has closed the stretch of Laguna Beach coastline between Victory Beach and Goff Island Beach to swimmers, surfers, and divers.

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