Prosecutors in Chicago Claim That a Man Killed His Victim in an Alley After Luring Him There with Snapchat Messages

A man lured the victim with Snapchat to a South Side alley, where he fatally shot him, according to prosecutor7 Stream.

According to prosecutors, a man used the social media app Snapchat to lure a friend to a South Side alley in April, where he fatally shot the friend, according to prosecutors.

On Sunday, Cook County prosecutors reported that Malik Wilson fired twice, causing Giovanny C. Alvarado to fall to the ground in the afternoon of April 24.

Witness Words

According to prosecutors, a witness saw Alvarado extend his arms “as if pleading” before Wilson opened fire again. They did not provide a motive.

The 24-year-old Alvarado was fatally struck five times and was declared dead at a hospital.

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Wilson was a “threat to the community,” according to Judge Susana Ortiz, because he allegedly “lured someone” before killing him. She ordered that the 23-year-old be detained without bond.

After the hearing, the mother of the victim stated that she did not know the motive for the attack but was aware that the two had previously fought. Wilson and her son were acquainted through GED class.

Sylvia Alvarado Says

Sylvia Alvarado said of her son, a North Side construction worker, “He did not deserve this.” He was never interested in firearms; he preferred gloves.

Prosecutors say that earlier on the day of the attack, Wilson told Alvarado to meet him in the 1300 block of East 71st Place.

Prosecutors say that in response to Wilson’s inquiry, Alvarado sent a series of Snapchat messages from a bus on his way there.

At approximately 14:40, the police gunshot detection system ShotSpotter detected two gunshots in the area, followed by six more, according to prosecutors.

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Prosecutors say the witness saw a man wearing all black and a black mask fire the shots and flee the scene.

Using surveillance video, detectives were able to track him to Dorchester Avenue, where he was caught on camera taking off his mask.

Prosecutors say that about a month later, Wilson was arrested in McLean County, Illinois, on suspicion of trying to rob someone with a gun.

Wilson: Registered Owner of Gun

According to prosecutors, the gun he was carrying matched the shell casings from the Alvarado shooting. Wilson is the registered owner of this firearm, according to the prosecution.

Prosecutors stated that Wilson’s cell phone was also found near the scene of the Alvarado murder.

While in custody in McLean County, Wilson told a fellow detainee that he had previously used the same firearm to murder someone.

Chicago police and U.S. Marshals arrested Wilson on Saturday at the McLean County Jail in Bloomington on a murder warrant.

Wilson’s defence attorney criticised the circumstantial nature of the evidence. The attorney stated that there was insufficient evidence for a no-bail hold.

Wednesday was scheduled to be Wilson’s next court date.

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