Proposed $400 Gas Rebate in California Holds Surprising Availability Terms

California legislators proposed on Thursday a $400 rebate for residents to offset high gas prices at the pump.

Legislators, mostly Democrats, proposed using $9 billion from California’s $45 billion budget surplus to fund rebates that would cover 51 cents per gallon of state gas tax for a 15-gallon car’s fill-ups for an entire year, Sfgate report.

“Many Californians are feeling severe financial pain at the pump and looking to California’s leaders for help,” Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Irvine), who led the initiative, said.

“We believe a rebate is the best approach to directly put money in people’s pockets.”

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Who Qualifies for the Rebate and How You Will Spend that Money?

The surprising thing is that this rebate would not only be available to drivers. As a resident, you would not have to show proof of car ownership or provide receipts for gas purchases.

At this time, according to a report, all residents (in California and other major par of U.S.) are experiencing a hit from inflation and rising living costs.

As a result, the proposed rebate states that anyone filing taxes in the state will be eligible to receive $400 if the proposal passes.

The proposal is seen as a possible alternative to suspending the country’s highest gas tax.

Republicans in the state have argued for cutting the gas tax entirely.

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