President Biden’s Job Rating Is Slipping Due to Inflation, Crime, and Covid

An ABC/Ipsos poll finds that President Joe Biden is viewed with considerable skepticism by the American public, with his job approval rating lagging across a range of major issues, including new lows for his handling of crime, gun violence, and the economic recovery, according to the poll’s findings.

Americans are particularly critical of the Biden administration’s handling of inflation as the White House grapples with mounting and popular concerns about the issue.

Americans are divided on how Vice President Biden is handling inflation (only 28% agree), and they are divided on how he is handling the economic recovery (57 percent disapprove). Republicans’ views on inflation are expected to be negative (94 percent disapprove), but the study exposes flaws within Biden’s own party as well, with only a slender majority of Democrats (54 percent) supporting the measure. Additionally, independent voters are leaving Biden’s orbit in droves, with 71 percent of them disapproving of his handling of the inflation crisis.

A new poll by Ipsos in cooperation with ABC News and using the KnowledgePanel finds that Biden has deteriorating approval ratings at a time when the majority of Americans express concern about inflation and paying everyday bills, according to the poll.

According to recent polls from Monmouth and AP-NORC, concern about inflation has surpassed concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, as Republicans continue to highlight rising prices at the gas pump and grocery store as a key issue for the upcoming midterm elections, which are expected to be a referendum on Vice President Joe Biden’s performance.

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These negative job evaluations in areas of great public interest have resulted in a new low in Biden’s overall approval rating, which was evaluated by FiveThirtyEight and is now at 43 percent.

One area where Biden appears to be somewhat above water is in his handling of COVID-19, according to the data. The handling of the pandemic by Biden has garnered only a small majority of support (53 percent) among Americans.

Despite this, Biden’s COVID approval rating is now numerically at its lowest position in ABC/Ipsos polling since he assumed office, providing yet another warning flag for what might be a difficult battle to maintain majorities in the United States Congress. The House of Representatives and the Senate.

Federal COVID-19 mitigation measures have been enhanced by the White House, as the delta and omicron versions of the virus prompt more stringent vaccination and mask requirements across the country.

In the face of political opposition, Vice President Joe Biden has maintained his decision to require vaccinations for federal employees and all contractors, a move that will touch millions of workers in the public and private sectors.

The ruling, which had been challenged by state Republican lawmakers, was recently overturned by a U.S. district court. It’s time to go to District Court. Despite this, a slim majority of Americans (51 percent) support Biden’s position on vaccine mandates, and seven out of ten Americans say those mask requirements should be maintained or strengthened.

In addition, Biden is experiencing a decline in popularity for his management of escalating rates of violence in various parts of the country. Despite historically high murder rates across the country, only slightly over one-third of Americans (36 percent) approve of Biden’s handling of crime, down from 43 percent in a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted in late October.

In a similar vein, approval of Biden’s handling of gun violence has dropped to 32 percent, from 39 percent in the last poll conducted in October. Nonpartisans are less supportive of Biden’s work on gun violence, with only one in every four independents approving of his efforts.

An extremely narrow majority of Americans (51 percent) are dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the climate change crisis. However, a substantial majority of Democrats (81 percent) support the administration’s actions on this subject, despite some progressives’ complaints that the administration has not done enough.

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The Vice President signed a series of executive orders shortly after taking office, in an effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions and put a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing on federal lands.

The American public does not appear to have been pleased by Vice President Joe Biden’s recent two-hour video conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the results of this poll, the majority of Americans (55 percent) disapprove of the way Biden is handling relations with Russia. Furthermore, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted in June, only 38 percent of Americans believe Biden is qualified to negotiate on America’s behalf with Putin, a decrease from 49 percent in June.

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