Preschools Were Raided by California Officials Who Interviewed Toddlers About Mask Practices

Americans are engulfed in debates over mask mandates. The enforcement of masks in schools has now been condemned by both parents and non-parents. Since President Biden’s State of the Union speech, mandates have weakened.

However, the Outsider report California Department of Social Services (CDSS) conducted a scathing survey of state preschools regarding mask mandates prior to the new regulation. In the investigation, representatives interviewed children as young as two without their parents’ consent.

The ‘Raid’ on Preschools

California’s mask mandate ends officially on Friday, March 11th, following a number of other states that have ended similar mandates. Prior to President Biden’s announcement of the severely weakened mandates last week, criticism was directed at California’s Department of Social Services after they raided several childcare institutions regarding mask mandates and regulations.

The New York Post reports that the investigation was prompted by a complaint made in January. According to the claim, all three of Aspen Leaf Preschool’s locations had been violating state mask requirements. Children as young as two years old were interviewed by the CDSS on January 19th, 2022.

According to Howard Wu, the preschool’s owner, the representatives interviewed the children privately about the masking mandates and separated the children from their teachers. He argued the government agency’s investigation resulted in “unnecessary and inappropriate child interviews.”

Following the “simultaneous, multi-school raid,” Aspen Leaf Preschool has given a Type A citation. The Voice of San Diego reports it is the most severe violation.

When Wu received the citation, he said, “We were open the whole pandemic about not masking children and the reasons why. The policy was on our website.”

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In essence, Aspen Leaf Preschool’s policy states that children cannot wear masks while sleeping or eating.

According to Wu, that is three hours of an entire day spent without masking for children in full-day care. He went on to say that, “masking at other times offers no health benefit.”

Parents of Preschoolers Furious over ‘Inappropriate’ Interviews

Wu spoke with Fox News Digital about the reactions of many of the children’s parents following the raid.

While the CDSS stated the citation addressed the students’ “personal right to safe and healthful accommodations,” one parent insisted it was the interviews that posed a threat to their child.

“I do not feel this interview served my child’s safety or well-being,” a parent wrote. In fact, they continued,

“I believe it may have given a harmful impression about her obligations to speak with strange adults in private without known caretakers present.”

A parent asserted the CDSS had “overstepped their authority,” noting that the CDSS is authorized to interview children privately in cases of abuse, “which is ENTIRELY absent from this situation.”

Parents and families of the preschool children have supported Wu’s appeal following the investigation and the citation.

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