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Possible ISIS threat in the USA: Police To Monitor Northern Virginia Malls


Many Northern Virginia policemen forces will be on special alert at malls and other common gathering areas after possible warnings connected to ISIS this weekend.

Officials are yet to evaluate the threat’s reliability, but ABC proclaims that the possible mall warning came from intelligence probably connected to ISIS. People shopping in Northern Virginia can anticipate seeing increased police within the Halloween weekend.

According to various reports, Northern Virginia policemen forces are on special alert at parks and other communal gathering spots this weekend after possible threats associated with ISIS.

“We have expanded our police appearance everywhere in the county to cover significant roads, transportation hubs, shopping courts, and shopping markets,” Fairfax County policemen leader Kevin Davis announced at a news interview Friday.

Police announced that the raised law enforcing presence would be positioned by the Halloween weekend forward of Virginia’s gubernatorial vote.

The FBI stated they had no explanation for the possible warnings but stated they severely take all conditions like this. The Arlington County Police Department report stated, “The Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) is informed of news advertising about a non-particular, unconfirmed warning to shopping malls.

There is no special or known warning to our area. As always, the people are supported to remain alert as you go regarding your routine, especially in regions where huge crowds of people normally gather, such as shopping malls, restaurant areas, spiritual services, and public transport hubs, to mention a few.”

The Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis announced they are proactive and using the “possible public security consequences to markets and shopping hubs over the region” menacingly.

Police stated law enforcement presence increases would take place completely and before the Halloween weekend. The Arlington County Police Department announced it was informed that the report was in transmission and made those who ran to the plaza to “be alert.”

Davis stated he was threatening and took “possible public security suggestions for malls and shopping hubs during the region” severely.

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