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Police Leave: Low Pay, Overwork, and High Costs

New York is the most concerned about police resignations or retirements. In 2022, more policemen will have resigned from the New York Police Department than ever before, and many will be working longer hours to make up for manpower shortfalls.

My New York Police Department and criminal justice colleague, Chelsia Rose Marcius, explained the exits.

Police departments across the country are experiencing a shortage of personnel.Some police chiefs I spoke to said younger people don’t want to be policemen. Thus, departments are hiring globally.

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Aurora police chief Dan Oates had around 50 posts to fill early this year. He informed me he went to New York City to interview N.Y.P.D. officers to recruit. He portrayed Aurora, a 400,000-person metropolis east of Denver near the ski slopes, in a pleasing manner.

Oates Discussed Money

Starting officers at the Aurora Police Department make $65,000, while those with four or more years’ experience might earn $100,000.

He also noted that money goes farther there than in New York City, where the typical property price is $810,000 and the average monthly rent is $4,500. In that part of Colorado, rent averages $1,750.

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Aurora officers who move from other agencies earn up to $10,000 in signing bonuses and $5,000 in relocation bonuses.

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