Police Arrest Second Person in Killing of San Leandro Barbershop Owner

San Leandro cops caught a second person they think killed the owner of a barbershop in October. The first suspect was caught on Oct. 27, which was two days after the murder.

Alexis Garcia, 26, of Oakland, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after a separate car chase, according to police. After the fact, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office charged him with murder.

San Leandro police arrested a second suspect in the October killing of a barbershop owner:

There are also charges against him for theft, assault with a firearm, and illegal use of a weapon. Guillermo Camacho, 26, from Oakland, was named as the second suspect by police.

Detectives from the San Leandro and SWAT teams found Camacho in Oakland while he was driving a stolen car. Police also said they found a loaded 9mm handgun with an extra-long clip in the car that was stolen.

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He is being charged with murder, robbery, assault with a firearm, car theft, and illegal use of a weapon. On October 25, around 1 p.m., someone was shot and killed at the Harrison Brothers barbershop on 2240 East 14th Street in San Leandro.

The suspects came into the shop with guns drawn and started robbing it, according to police. Police say that Jonathan Clay, a co-owner of the business, was hit with a gun and had his things taken.

However, Clay shot at the thieves while they were robbing. The defendants shot back and killed Clay, according to the police. A second person who was hurt was treated for minor injuries.

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